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Camp Rusk (www.CampRusk.com), Camp Rusk Foundation, Inc. Fund, Communities Foundation of Texas, and all Therapy Horse groups are separate organizations.

Each horse eventually retires.  

When a horse is decommissioned it needs a place to go so that another horse can step up and take its place.

Therapy People  have extraordinary skills.

They are highly trained and most are certified to provide medical grade therapy. Volunteers assist.  They are selfless asking for no attention.  They give a true love to those who often can do little for themselves when the therapy begins.

For a horse, the decision is often life in a building unless someone provides a place to run with friends.

We have the honor of caring for horses

that have healed people.  Join with us.

Therapy Horses   are special horses that work with highly trained people to restore or enable people to walk, talk, or gain functions critical to their life

A horse cannot provide the land it needs, that is ours to do.

Become a member and Provide an Acre or more once in your life. 

You have then done your part and others after you will pick up the task.

After a life of service, we provide them the life of a horse.