The Next Task: Create the initial endowment. 

A small amount from you each month adds up to the initial endowment needed.

$12.50, $25, or $50 grows into the endowment for a Quarter, Half, or Full Acre.

There are also people providing meadows, paddocks, and whole forests. 

We ask everyone connected to a horse to endow at least one acre once in their lifetime.  

With the land we demonstrate methods others may copy, adapt to their local climates and use as a basis for their own innovations.  

The Foundation also provides information so that individuals and  groups can make informed decisions about breeding and competition. Good decisions make for healthy horses and, quality sports.

What Camp Rusk Foundation is doing:
For the past 15 years, low-cost methods for high-quality horse keeping in a natural environment have been being developed.   This is
a place where horses can run with friends, graze the pastures and live "the life of a horse." 

Here horses have the land they need

and horse owners have the low-cost care they need!

The Foundation has been given the opportunity to set aside 3300 acres (5 square miles) for horses.
    - the 501c3 is in place
    - these and other methods have been proven
    - the land has been made available

Making the case

Components contributing to the  crisis:

1.  Each year between 100,000 and 200,000 horses are sent to Canada or Mexico to slaughter.  (2012 government stats--140,000).  This number does not include the number of horses that are turned out (abandoned), sent to rescues or repurposed.  Best estimates indicate only 5 - 20 % of abandoned horses make it into rescues. 80- 95% of discarded horses receive no help.   Rescues do a great job. Most are full and stretched way beyond their means. 

2.  Even more horses, after their competitive careers or days of trail rides are over, spend their remaining years in a pipe stall, small paddock or turnout.  Many do not have the companionship of friends.  Owners often have less time to stop by, give them attention and exercise.  This is NOT what we want for our horses.

We are losing land for horses.  Development takes up to 6,000 acres of agricultural land each day (this stat from USDA).

4.  In this country
we breed more horses than we can ever find homes for.  Many foals are considered "prospects" and are then discarded if they are deemed not "good enough."

IRS 501c3 Mission Statement:
The Camp Rusk Foundation, Inc's mission is the discovery, acquisition (research) and sharing (education) of knowledge for the welfare (prevention of cruelty) of horses. 

​Who are we?  

The Camp Rusk Foundation, Inc. is a 501c3 with a nationally distributed Board of Directors and Officers.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​We Help Horses

Let's talk about 

Our Current Project

The Harrison Ranch

Over 3300 Acres - More than 5 square miles  A major horse project where you will help solve the Big 3 problems horses face... We started out focused on retirement and discovered the same methods solved excess and abandonment as well.