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Things to know!

The term Acre and other measurements are not exact terms as used on this website.  Actual location(s) will also be approximate but will be identifiable.  We need this flexibility to do our best for the horses.  All land, endowments, and resources will be owned and managed by the Foundation. The horses thank you for providing it. You are encouraged, on an appointment basis, to visit the Ranch and see what the Acres are providing..

​Naming an Acre has no monetary value and is not sellable. All Names may be edited, accepted, or declined at our discretion now or in the future which also means we may change your wording based on space or content rules which may also change from time to time.

To the best of our knowledge your funds are fully deductible. Confer with an Enrolled Agent or appropriate professionals for your IRS situation. 

Webpages also do not have a monetary value.  They are created and modified based on time availble.  Content may be accepted or declined and a reason may or may not be given.  All content may be edited at our discretion which means we may change your wording based on space or content rules which may also change from time to time.

The Camp Rusk Foundation, Inc. endeavors to present your information quickly and in good faith.  Delays or errors may occur for reasons that may or may not be under our control. Therefore no warranty or guarantee is provided on the results at all.  Not to worry, we take pride in doing our jobs well.

​If something needs to be changed, simply politely ask, have some patience,  and we will determine what we find to be appropriate for the situation!  Know that you are very appreciated!

Single Payments and Custom Plans. 

To make a Single Payment click the "Donate" Button below.

For custom plans use a Laptop or Desk computer and click "Recurring Payment"  

Or use the "Email" form below. Tell us how best to help.

Provide a Quarter Acre's 


•Standby Priority for Horse Retirement

•Pictures and Stories

•Acres that make a Difference(sm)​​

$12.50 Per Month / Quarter Acre.

$25 Per Month / Half Acre.

Provide an Acre's initial setup

and Endowment

•First Priority for Horse Retirement

•Webpage to honor a horse or person

•Pictures and Stories

•Advisory Input Council

•Acres that make a Difference(sm)​​

$50 Per Month / Full Acre.

Popular Plans

For your security:

1. We do not sell or share any contact information you provide.

2. We do not keep or receive any Credit Card Information.  Payments are handled directly by Pay Pal.  We pay them a fee to do this.

3. None of your contact information resides on this website and we do not use the cloud for backup.

The Big Need

Once in your life endow a full Acre or more. 

Does your PocketBook equal your heart?

$10 Million = the initial endowment

$2 Million +/- provides a square mile of forest set aside.

$50 -100,000 can provide a Meadow

$15,000 = land for a horse.

Send us an email to ask about specific areas to name and provide.

Click Below to learn about the larger areas.

Thank you!

For Endowing an Acre (or more!)

This page will give you information that is good to know

The Endowment is used as both a safety net for the horses and for research and education.  This is a BIG! project sized to the task at hand. We have made it affordable so all can help.

Some write out a single check. Some provide a bit every month.

Once you are done, others will pick up from there.

PayPal and your Donations

The Donate and Subscribe buttons will take you to Pay Pal. They keep your financial information and we never see or store that information.  They will also send you a receipt for your IRS records.  They will send us your name and the email address you supply.  We will then get back to you with a thank you and send you our updates.

Would you like some conversation or would you like to use checks?  Talk with us....


Or by phone 41 Camp Rusk

More information is provided further down the column

Call or send us a note.  

We will get back to you shortly.

​412 27 7875

Provide a Half Acre's 


•Next Priority for Horse Retirement

•Pictures and Stories

•Acres that make a Difference(sm)​​

Thank you!

for providing an Endowment. 

An Endowment is a collection of funds that are designed to last forever which means you will help forever!

A small amount each month builds to a large amount for the horses.   

$12.50 turns into $750
$25       turns into $1500
$50       turns into $3000 a full Acre's endowment!

Select what is best for you or send us an email to design a program and amount of land to endow just for you.

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