Founding Board and Officers

Adrienne -  Co-Founder and Founding Board Member 

Adrienne unexpectedly passed before her time. She was a lady who inspires.
We and her friends have created a tribute to her..

Theo: Board Member

Theo's Father was likely the only Chinese Cowboy Chaplain to ever hit the saddle in the US. Theo was born in South Carolina.   In the 1960's.they had moved west to live in San Antonio, Texas. Her dad was a naturally gifted speaker and preacher, and he rode horses.  Theo calls him a  cowboy Chaplain.  With this move, she began riding and showing horses hasn't stopped yet! Quarter horses, hackney ponies, arabians, connemaras, trakheners, thoroughbreds, holsteiners, have all "owned me". In Theo's words:  "I love a good horse, no matter what his breeding. Horses and their people have molded my life and character. They continue to teach us that there are greater things to learn. So, after 50 years of life with horses, how can I not care about securing their future?" Theo designed the Foundation's logo, created the phrase, “Acres that Make a Difference(sm”, and continues to contribute the writing and graphics for the Camp Rusk literature. She currently resides on the West Coast and the northern  Rockies, 

Robin: Board Member and Co-President.

With a BS in nursing and Masters degrees in Public Health and Psychology, Robin represents the physical and mental health of the horses on the Board. Robin was born in a suburb of Los Angeles and "summer raised" in the family ranching heritage--dairy, citrus & avocado, and cattle.  Before her earliest memory, her mother would take Robin and her sister for extended visits to California's San Joaquin Valley.  Ranching meant horses and horses became Robin's love.  Her first purchase after graduating from college was a horse of her own.
Robin has had quarter horses, thoroughbreds and Warmbloods.  In her youth she enjoyed combined training.  Today, she rides and competes in dressage.  In 2011 Robin sent 2 of her retired dressage horses to Camp Rusk.  Up until this point, she thought her horses needed to be cradled in bubble wrap. After seeing her horses enjoying their freedom on the ranch, happy, running with friends, she is quoted as saying "How could I not help? This is the life every horse should have" She first became a board member, then as President oversaw the finding of land opportunities for the Foundation. Robin lives in the Southern California mountains with her husband, two Dalmatians and her cat.  She is competent at the piano , is wishing for grandchildren, has competed in Agility with her dog, and fits a busy psychotherapy practice into her schedule.

Becky: Board Member

Becky's love for horses is part of a long lineage of professional horse trainers dating back to her great-grandfather. Becky's great grandfather trained horses and mules for the Calvary. This tradition was passed down from generation to generation on a family farm in Missouri. After graduating from college with a degree in Business Administration, Becky moved to The US Virgin Islands to pursue a career in the marine industry. While residing in the USVI Becky came face to face with the problem of Ex- Thoroughbred race horses in need of assistance. Becky with two friends formed a Thoroughbred Horse Rescue called " VICCTRE "  After saving the lives of 40 plus horses, Becky moved to Miami, Florida with her family, four dogs , two horses, a  pony and a donkey!  Becky purchased a small orchard and boarded horses. While in Florida, Becky began teaching English riding lessons and became certified as a PATH Therapeutic Riding Instructor.   While searching for a nice place to retire her two thoroughbreds and donkey Becky came across Camp Rusk. Becky's horse Silver and donkey Bridgette currently reside there today. Becky articulated the need to solve the problems of Abandonment and Excess. The Foundation noted the solutions overlapped with Retirement, developed a comprehensive plan for all three and invited Becky on the board.

Eric:  Officer

Born and raised in Minnesota, Eric graduated from the United States Air Force Academy with a distinguished career around the world as a full Colonel.  Eric became a horseman with his grandfather.  A life of riding around the world and the pleasure of passing on a horse life to his son gave him a realization action must be taken if horses are to have quality lives in the lives of our children.  Eric spent years studying the Farrier arts starting the research needed to provide effective hoof care for a natural horse.

Jon: Co- Founder and Co President

Jon is a  retired entrepreneur now focusing on creating and providing solutions to agriculture and the natural world.  At a private ranch known of as Camp Rusk, he focused on applying grazing knowledge to better the lives of horses in a natural (not wild) setting

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Theo: Continues as a current Board Member



Lives on the coast of Maine.  She is currently out floating in the Atlantic. We will post a bit more about her when she sails by.


Born on the North Shore of Long Island, Maude is an artist and visual learner. First award was as a 3rd grader for a depiction of the White House on fire (Fire Prevention--300 entries). Shy and withdrawn until aprox age 13.  At that time one would describe her as a non conforming loner with a thirst for answers.  Horses changed that personality to recreate Maude as a dynamic "doer".  She encourages young ladies of all ages to become the same.
Maud recognized that to help horses requires an understanding of all disciplines. In University she pursued an Art and Business major and continued studies in philosophy, literature, dance, physics++. Founded "Davis Design"-- a NYC advertising boutique servicing established agencies need for fresh and founded concepts with cutting edge design (20+ years). Mother of a savey NYC teen. Fundraiser and Board member for organizations benefiting children and animals. Devoted and loyal friend.