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Location... The Camp Rusk Foundation, Inc.is a coast to coast USA organization with an international mailing list. Board Members and Offices are located from Coast to Coast and in the heartland.   Each has provided one or more acres.   Many others who assist are from every section of the country. Due to some very generous Texas families that love horses, our main support staff is there. 

For a quick response....  The fastest way to get a response is the contact form above or email!   This also keeps our costs low and our volunteers efficient!    


Want a someone to write to?

Use the above form or your own email program. 

Our Co-Presidents are:


Robin who is a dressage mom 


Jon who is a horseman. 


Our phone number is   

412 267 7875   (41 Camp Rusk)

if you leave a message please speak clearly and with good volume. Thanks!

You may write us via: 
Camp Rusk Foundation, Inc.
P.O. Box 81
Sulphur Springs, Texas  75483-0081

You may visit:
Open house is generally held on the first Saturday of each month and location may vary. We have properties in discussion in various parts of the country.  Our initial demonstration sites and acquisition have been made possible by some ranching families in North East Texas. Sites in other states have been offered and will be used as well.

Fall in Love with the Natural Horse.

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