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Debra's Challenge

Hi, I am Debra Purves.     I couldn't not help.   Horses that heal humans are rare wonders.   To think that one would not have a place after a life of such service is unthinkable.

I've undertaken providing a ranch for the Foundation.   I would like you to do this with me.

First an Acre.  Then the Acres for a horse.  A Paddock, then a Meadow, then we put together an entire ranch.  Over 500 acres so far are utilized.   1000 more is the full out plan.

We provide the land.   The operations are then self funding.  It is a unique and forever situation.  That means horse after horse after horse.  An accomplishment you can pass down in your family.

If you use the buttons below, you will help me keep track and join me in this success.

$100 for 30 months  An "Acre"


If you have a request for another option, it can be set up.  Send me a note and I will get back to you quickly.

Thank you!!!

Debra Purves


Single Payment  "Acre"