#2 Big Passion Endowments

• If you have done well in life,

• Want to make Camp Rusk part of your Corporate Image, • Know how to do a lot on a small budget,

these options are for you.

While you provide a home for horses that rehabilitate our veterans, You are showing clearly how we humans, horses, and nature thrive together with family agriculture..

Thank You! for making the

Camp Rusk Foundation your project.

•• Match a method to your passion ••

From one time gifts to endowments that last.

#1. Endow an Acre.

People do this because they have always wanted to do something significant. 

This is THE most popular way to be part of the family.


$50/month or $3000 in one payment.

​(Partial Acres are also listed)


You can do this by yourself

--OR-- with friends!

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#3 One Time Love and Private Custom Plans.

Big Amounts or $1 at a time., The horses love them all. 

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