Simply Put

"We must provide what others cannot provide for themselves"

From Military Rehabilitation and PTSD to Civilian injury and Autism, horses provide healing.  The horses need us to provide their care.

The request to you ..... by yourself or with friends,

is to endow an Acre or more once in your lifetime. 

Horses are critical to many types of rehabilitation​​​.  Their gates reteach muscles to walk and nerves to function. Their human like personalities reintroduce soldiers back into society.  

​​More for humans.  The project has additional benefits that touch us all.

•Places for Wild Life next to humans

•Family Agriculture 


​•Open Space

​•Clean air and water

•Warrior and Civilian Physical therapy rehabilitation
•Youth education....Responsibility, Leadership, Problem solving, Strategic thinking, Agriculture, food production, living with and fostering wildlife. 

and of course for horses

•Horse rescue/repurpose/ abandonment/excess

We work directly with Farm, Ranch and Forest Families to create measurable benefits for all. Farmers and ranchers love the land and passing their land to future generations.  They look to the rest of us for profitable markets. Horses provide this and in turn receive a life they would choose. Owners get lower costs. Wildlife areas are incorporated. Topsoil, water and air are improved. compatible agriculture provides multiple land uses.  Everyone from the urban dweller to the naturalist gains a higher quality world.

​​​The wide open space horses need, and we need as well, is rapidly disappearing.  Thousands of acres per day are paved over. "Out There" - beyond our city borders - are serious problems that affect the urban dweller.  Topsoil is being used up. Carbon and water cycles are out of balance.  Our family farm and ranch economy is being industrialized and soaked in chemicals.  We know we are better than this.  For the horse, the end result is high costs that leave many abandoned resulting in a short tragic end.

Let's paint a better picture to benefit our grandchildren.   We show how horses can be taken out of stalls and placed in pastures to improve agricultural land.  This builds topsoil. Wildlife areas benefit and grow.  Water quality improves. Oxygen is produced. Unneeded chemicals are removed. This improves our environment now and gives lasting benefits for future generations.

​​​Thank you for your interest in the Camp Rusk Foundation.

​​​​​We are a 501c3.  While focusing on horses, we have brought together people who found what is good for horses is good for humans.  That “Good” is rapidly disappearing.  Horses, like us, are made to run in open spaces and have friends. Most however are confined to a stall lifestyle for life.  We know instinctively that “After a life of service, they deserve the life of a horse.”

This is your chance to create something significant and put your name on it.  Our Foundation, after years on loaned land, now has 3300 acres to work with permanently.    We will work with you to make this your own project of accomplishment by building an endowment in your name to honor a horse or some one dear to you.

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You provide the space decommissioned horses need so that another can continue their work.


Below are Dyno and Kokomo Joe  being visited by Libby and Robin.  Libby is teaching her children how we take care of those who have taken care of us.  It is an important principle to learn. 

Like all living beings they have a useful time of service that comes to an end. When one is decommissioned it must have a place to go so that another horse can take its place.