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Once in your lifetime, provide an Acre for horses.  www.CampRusk.Org

It is great to watch the horses play.  Sometime be right in the middle,
among and part of a horse family when being moved from one area to another.
The horses swirl and circle excited - anticipating where you are taking them.

In every group, there is always one with a flare for the dramatic.

When they arrive, they quickly settle in to taste the new grass.

Once in your lifetime provide an Acre or more for the Therapy Horses.

It is a significant personal accomplishment that does a perpetual good.

Even if you are not a horse, spring grass will feel great under your hooves.

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The new exterior fence was installed along the gravel roads.  It is being designed so that a nature trail will be incorporated.Ray sent in a picture of his girl Jill and her dog Boz.  Jill (from San Diego) just became a member of the Foundation providing an Acre.  Jill is also mom to Nick who grazes here.

Clever and Danny had an impromptu race... Danny won.

April 15, 2020

Howdy from Camp Rusk

Spring happens quickly over a long time.Everything and everyone livens up.  We hope you can see these geese full size.    It is quite difficult to get this close at the moment of take off.