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Nature -

Our methods demonstrate that nature, agriculture, and people incorporate well together.  A healthy local ecosystem provides a mutual benefit in both profit and quality of life.  Clean food, clean air, clean water in the normal course of commerce.

Rehabilitation -

Over 800 organizations across the USA rehabilitate Military and civilian using horses.  Soldiers relearn how to walk.  Children with birth defects can learn to talk.  All with horses. When these horses are decommissioned, they need a place to retire so that another can step up and help. We provide those homes as a priority and then for individuals.  The horses are key in our demonstration.

This will be known as the Founder's Endowment.

It is well suited for an individual or company who would like to do something significant with a one time cost and a perpetual benefit. It is an excellent legacy for you.

We have in place a demonstration on a private ranch with a permanent site on offer.  We are approaching a 20 year track record.  Our origin was to solve the three main problems of horses.  This led to significant side benefits.

Below are examples.

Who we are and What we do

Horses -

There are three major problems for horses today.  Abandonment, Excess, and Retirement.  These affect from 100,000 to 200,000 horses that are discarded each year and over a million in practical application.   We do the demonstrations needed to bring these numbers to a manageable size for the rescues.   We include education and changes needed to eliminate most of the circumstances that lead to these situations.

Summary -

Our benefit is HUGE and sized to the problems.  We have been offered thousands of acres so that the benefits are perpetual.  The offer will end this summer. We appreciate you consideration if you can do part or all of the initial endowment.

​Thank you.

There is a menu at the top for learning more on this webpage. We are available for conversation at any time. 

Jon@CampRusk.Org  (co president) (for those with detailed Q's)

Robin@CampRusk.Org (co president)

41 Camp Rusk

412 267 7875 

Family Agriculture -

We demonstrate and teach layered agriculture with a corner stone of horses for families.  This preserves family lands and family agriculture along with open space with nature friendly methods that help all of us.  There is an over all 36 Million acre benefit to what we do.

The Camp Rusk Foundation, Inc is a 501c3.  

We have over 3300 acres on offer that we are seeking to endow. The Endowment Amount is $10 Million.

Education -

Several Children and University Organizations have asked for both access to the properties and for us to develop interaction curriculums with the animals.  Youth need opportunities to learn about nature and animals.   Universities need large permanent natural sites for study.