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Single Payment of $3000 by Credit Card

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Camp Rusk (www.CampRusk.com), Camp Rusk Foundation, Inc. Fund, Communities Foundation of Texas, and all Therapy Horse groups are separated organizations.

You will receive updates from inside the operation about the horses and activities.  You will also be invited to provide input and as well have any questions answered.

When you provide an Acre you become a member of the Camp Rusk Foundation Inc for life.   You have done your part and others will pick up from there.

You become a Lifetime Member when you provide an Acre or more.

You can fund your Acre by Check or Credit Card.  Be sure to tell us the horse or person you want to honor with your Acre by using the form provided at the end of this page.

This page helps you provide your Acre in a single payment.  There are other options also

The greatest need right now is for fully funded Acres.  We have opportunities that could utilize 300 to 500 acres right now.  

You may be in a position to provide land for a horse or for an entire ranch.  Please do.

The horses also appreciate those who provide an Acre over time.

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By check to:

Camp Rusk Foundation Inc     P.O. Box 559     Ben Franklin, Texas 75415-0559