Camp Rusk - a bit about us

The operations commonly referred to as Camp Rusk, provide retirement and parking for 100 horses in a large acreage setting.  With 20 years of wonderful horse owners, the process has developed from "little known about horses as they age" to a growing and useful set of techniques.

Together with numerous individuals, we take on project requests that will benefit both horses and the world at large.  Currently two projects are in process. Both are "Behind the scene" needs.  Projects that need to be taken care of so that worthwhile organizations can continue with their tasks.   Each is assembling pledges. We would like to put your name one one of them.

Project 1  Rehab Horses

Through the years we have discovered the exceptional people who use horses to rehabilitate others. They are a dedicated group, highly trained and they do not look for attention.  They just want to help those they can.

They have taught us that horses have special characteristics in gait and personality that can heal those who have been damaged physically and mentally in War, Sports, Accidents as well as those born with challenges.

They have a need beyond their expertly crafted world.  A known place for any and all of their Equine assistants to "Just be a Horse After Their Life of Service so that other horses can continue the task.

The Numbers - 
A 100 horse site needs $1 Million for the location.  The Set Up costs have already been pledged.

The Task -  
To Assemble $1 million in pledges.

Once assembled the 501c3 will be created, land acquired, operation started.  You will be known as the founder or you can name the location.  The project will be permanent and grow from there.

We can use your participation.  How much can you pledge?​

Write us with your questions and what you can do.

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Project 2  The Three Problems of Horses

Retirement, Abandonment, and Excess are the three major problems of horses.

Each is compelling.  Each is significant.  Each is solvable / manageable. Over 100,000 horses are involved in these three problems in most years.  Generally this means a tragic death for each horse.

While Project 1 above is a straight forward service, Project 2 involves effecting change.  The organization must have staying power.   The solutions involve in demonstration, changing of rules, education, and elevating standards.   Most of the effect of these problems exist simply because people involved are not aware of the effect of their actions.     Basically people want to do the right thing "if they know what it is and It is affordable".

This is a far reaching high quality project.  Project 1 can be accomplished with implementation of this project.

The Numbers

It has an initial starting staff need of 4, an endowment, and a several thousand acre land base need.  This totals $10 Million.  The will make the project permanent.  Its abilities will grow from there.

The Task -  

To Assemble $10 million in pledges.

Once assembled the 501c3 will be created, land acquired, operation started.  You will be known as the founder or have the site named for your family.  The project will grow from there.​

This is a major project, we can use your help. How much can you pledge?

​Write us with your questions.