$1,350,000 Budget

   $458,550  Funds Arranged


  $891,450  Remaining   (About 300 Acres of Funds)

What is next?

Phase Two Budget: $1 Million   

The objective is sufficient Land  to be self perpetuating .

Amounts provided at last update

  • $50,000 - Seed money provide by a  New York Philanthropist.
  • $29,000 - Individual Acres  - California, Louisiana, Massachusetts,  Texas
  • $29,550 - Other amounts 

Questions?  Ask us. 

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What has been Accomplished? 

Phase One:    Fair Oaks

The Foundation is in operation and accepting horses.   The property is a historic family operation named Fair Oaks.   Additionally, it demonstrates that taking care of Therapy Horses works simultaneously with other family agriculture activities.  The techniques used foster wildlife, soil restoration, as well as water can carbon sequestration.

Use of Funds - All funds given for land are used 100% for acquisition of land.

Use of Land - The basis of the initiative is for retirement of Therapy Horses.

Significant additional benefits  and overlapping uses are created the larger the land base. Examples are : Agricultural Families, Wildlife habitat, Water Cycles, Air purification, Education in schools and Research.

Day to Day Operational Costs - are provided by horses in residence.

Land needed per horse -4 Acres +1 for weather buffer

"Acre of Land" vs. "Acre funded"  A funded "Acre" is $3000 and may or may not match the cost of an Acre purchased.  Why?  Land purchase costs vary.

Measurability  Essentially all activities we do have measurable results.  We are currently conducting a survey to measure the base line need.  This can be compared against the actions done.

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An Unmet Need   -  How did this project come about?  Is it worthwhile?

About 20 years ago at the turn of the century, a rancher used part of his land to provide retirement for horses.  In a market study it was found that some people  put their horse in a building when it retires and others give their horse room to run with a herd.

Among those clients were organizations  who worked with horses to heal or provide capabilities to other humans.

In discussions with these organizations, it was discovered that "what to do" with their horses after their service was becoming problematic.  Sometimes there was someone to take the horse in and sometimes not.  Boarding was expensive. 

If the cost of the land was removed and simple techniques used, the cost could be low and a horse could run.


Is the result these people and their horses provide worth while?  -

Yes,  People are healed, basic skills are restored or given.  Young children learn to speak.  Military and athletes learn to walk again.  Damaged brains learn to function.

Are the people worthwhile?

Yes.  the people who work with Therapy Horses are rare.  Their task is to produce near miracle level results.  They do this and never ask for attention.They have training to provide medical quality treatments.  They have an ability to match horse to human to medical need and see a program through to a result.   

Are the horses worthwhile?

Yes.  Like the people involved, these horses are rare.  An organization can sift through dozens of horses to find the "one" needed for a client type.  Patience, ingenuity, compassion, physical ability... duplicates of human traits.  They are combined in the horses selected.  Once found, these horses will show up ready to assist every day for years.   After a life of service, ours is give them the life of a horse.

Is this doable? 

This is already proven.  The Foundation starts as a duplication of ranch providing the service for 20 years.  It is efficient, scaleable, self replicating. self supporting.

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