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Phone:  412 267 7875      (41 Camp Rusk)

Robin@CampRusk.Org      Co-President
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Level One is the Founder's Endowment.
The Founder's Endowment has two purposes.

1. As a safety net for the horses in times of extreme weather.

2. To provide for education and basic research in routine years.

Endowment Menu

(Custom areas are easily designed.)

$50 Million Total

Five Layers of $10 Million each

  • ​ Founder's Endowment
  •  Military and Rehabilitation horse scholarships
  •  Research
  •  Education
  •  Wildlife / Agriculture / Environment

Each Layer Consists of

  • Five Square Miles  $2 Million each

         -Muddy Waters Hardwood Forest

            -Long Creek Hills

            -Twisted Boundary


            -Spring Lake

  • $250,000  Hayfields
  • $100,000 Meadows
  • $50,000 Paddocks
  • $15,000 A Horse's grazing area
  • $3,000 An Acre

We Thank You in significant ways when you provide the endowment for a large acreage.

Square Mile and Full Level

Founder's Endowment Thank You's include:

•VIP at all events,

•Founder's panel in many printed materials, •Signage at the property.

•As a Founder, you may use your status permanently in your advertising and PR

•You may name the area you endow. 

There will be only minimal restrictions on the above.

For individuals, this gives you the opportunity  to create something significant.  A legacy.

For Corporations, this will allow a permanent association to put into practice the values you are known for.


Welcome!  Thank You for your interest in providing an endowment.  This is a good work.

This page is about larger acreages. Below is a sample menu followed by much of the detail you will want to know.

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Phone:  412 267 7875      (41 Camp Rusk)
Robin@CampRusk.Org      Co-President
Jon@CampRusk.Org          Co-President