Reasons for Project 1: Rehab Horses

1. The people helped are hurt. They need to be helped.

2. The people who do the helping are selfless, loving, and very rare talents who can help others heal.

3. The horses involved have the same rare personalities and talents of the people who do the helping.

4. At many locations, if a decommissioned horse does not have a place to go, another cannot take its place to continue to help others in line.

5. The need to take care of these horses is growing rapidly.  Many of the 1000 or more locations that do this work are just now starting to have horses retire. 

6. Because you have been successful.  The world needs you to not only help, but to be a good example and put your family's name on something that shows what can be done for others.

7. A lot of very good people will say thank you and mean it every time.

8. These horses are critical to rehabilitating many of our military.

9. These horses have helped the least among us, those born with challenges.

10.  These horses help those of us who have great lieves - our athletes, business owners after car wrecks, able bodied men and women.

In other words, this is important and no one else is seeing to the task at hand.

Contact us:   Project@CampRusk.Org

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Reasons for Project 2: The Three Problems

1. Because you will literally change how the world operates.

Reasons these Projects need to be accomplished