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Therapy Horses

Therapy Horses are special horses that work with highly trained people to restore or enable people to walk, talk, or gain functions critical to their life

Therapy People

Therapy People are highly trained and most are certified to provide medical grade therapy. Volunteers assist.  They are selfless asking for no attention.  They give a true love to those who often can do little for themselves when the therapy begins

Each horse completes a career.

When a horse is decommissioned it needs a place to go so that another horse can step up and take its place.

For a horse, the decision is often life in a building unless someone provides a place to run with friends.



After a life of service, we provide the life of a horse. (SM)

That means room to run and associate in Family Herds.   Over 500 acres now.   The build out is 1500 acres.

Each has been provided by someone.  Some provide many acres.     Most of us are people who do not have the ability to perform the miracles the Therapists do with the Therapy Horses and those they heal.   What we can do is provide the land the horses cannot provide for themselves.  The Therapy Centers can then afford to provide for their horses' needs.

Some provide for an acre all at once and some over time.   Once an acreage is purchased, it provides a location for horses for life.  Then more horses after them and more after that.  In other words the land you provide continues to do good for your life and beyond.




After understanding the miracles of healing these horses provide, I could not  "Not" become a member"


Robin in California

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